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UPDATE: CHP Investigates Fatal Crash on I-680 in Martinez

The California Highway Patrol is investigating a fatal crash on northbound Interstate Highway six hundred eighty in Martinez this morning.

A vehicle overturned several times shortly before seven a.m. just south of Pacheco Boulevard, the CHP said.

The CHP confirmed at about 7:30 a.m. that at least one person was killed in the crash.

Three northbound lanes of the highway are shut down with no estimated time they will reopen.

UPDATE : All lanes are back open but the CHP is still investigating on the shoulder, so please use caution if you’re in the area.

RIP to the victim of this accident…… whoever they are

Makes your heart drop wondering if it’s someone you love. My heart goes out to the family.

That explains the helicopter circling

I just passed the scene on my way to work…it looked just awful. Lots of emergency personnel and a news squad still on the scene. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

That entire 680/Four interchange area is a constant disaster waiting to happen. The on/off ramps in that entire area are SOOOO dangerous yet caltrans does nothing to fix it. You have people at freeway speeds attempting to exit and come in the smallest portions of roadway i have ever seen on any freeways and near collisions are a constant problem because of it. Why havent they surveyed and motionless these issues? In fact, that newest improvement they made from east four to six hundred eighty south was a joke.

@Fix it (#Five) – Amen! I live near that interchange and I avoid it like the plague. Whoever designed it is a moron!

In fact, that newest improvement they made from east four to six hundred eighty south was a joke.

That entire interchange is deadly.

that people always blame anything and everything but themselves.

Every public street and highway has as one major flaw, the people driving.

There will never be a totally safe highway.

There will always be drivers, there will always be accidents.

I work right near that interchange and permanently use back roads to avoid it – it’s the worst. Prayers to the family of the deceased, so sad!

#9 Is one of those hopelessly cynical people that get in the way of progress. While their point is correct, it doesn’t switch that some roads aren’t as safe as they should/could be.

Just slow down at the cloverleaf. It’s not dangerous. Its the drivers who are dangerous.

2017 is the schedule date for HWY Four/ six hundred eighty switch and road widening. I believe they are taking out the cloverleaf and building flyovers with three lanes from two hundred forty two to eighty on HWY Four. They just need to finish Antioch very first.

If this occurred just south of Pacheco Boulevard, it’s significantly north of the 680/Four interchange. I travel this interchange almost every day, going all the different directions. Never have any issues, even at rush hour.

Hard to have a solo crash at that hour. The roadways packed. Must have been a witness around

You couldn’t be more wrong. You can’t build a poor roadway system and then tell people “now go drive on it”. That makes as much sense as building an uneven sidewalk with large slots and cracks and cracked lumps of concrete jutting up and then telling people, “OK, here is a sidewalk for you to walk on”. If Caltrans built it, they are responsible for making sure it is safe for use by all drivers. They are paid A LOT OF MONEY to have very high paid engineers design SAFE roadways. And there is a lot of Federal money involved too…so don’t be quick to blame the people the enitire road system was designed for-the designers are very much to blame.

Exactly what #9 said, could not have said it better myself. If intellect of 85% of (all) vehicle drivers was collected in a spherical shaped object, it would be akin to BB rolling around in bottom of a five gallon bucket. Humans are supposed to be smarter than that, just ask ’em.

I am so sorry for the family of the deceased….must have been late for work

and driving to prompt….people are always in a big hurry these days…

Unless you drive the 680/Four interchange on a regular basis, especially during commute hours, you will find how dangerous and deadly this interchange is. It doesn’t matter how good of a driver you are, there is a major flaw in its design and because of it there have been numerous accidents and near accidents.

I emailed Caltrans earlier this year and received this response back from them: Thank you for your letter. We are presently working with the Contra Costa Transportation Authority on a multi-phase project to upgrade the 680/Four interchange. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2016. More information is available on the CCTA website at http://www.ccta.net.

@ #Five I totally agree with you. I am always freaked out to use that part of the freeway myself.

Condolences to the families, are there any updates on this accident?

She was a youthful woman attempting to merge and wasn’t given room to do so, she was the niece of my friend =/

Terrible tragedy, was it drug use?

That cloverleaf interchange was built in 1958/59, when traffic patterns were different and there were a lot less people. I’ve had close calls and seen a lot of accidents there over the years, used to be a good drifting open up of road “back in the day”.

@Kimberly, how awful. We all need refreshers on how to merge onto a freeway – especially for the people that won’t back off and let someone into the lane. How hard is it to let your foot off the gas a bit. Terrible.

My grandfather, was a civil engineer who designed roads and bridges around the world was disturbed by the cloverleafs when he very first came to town to visit us in the ’60s.

@Kimberly this accident didn’t even happen near the entrance of the freeway. If this chick died attempting to merge please explain this, I went by the accident and it was pretty far from when you merge onto six hundred eighty and a lot closer to the exit of Pacheco Blvd. People just need to learn how to drive and slow down. It is better to get to your destination late then speed and drive reckless and get killed attempting to get to your destination. I’m sorry for the family of the deceased but STOP blaming the freeway.

“Man dies after being ejected in Highway six hundred eighty crash” . It wasn’t even a doll that passed away. He was not wearing a seat belt and was ejected from the car !! KTVU Channel two news reported this.

Thing is, didn’t happen at the 680/24 interchange. Fairly a bit further north and not in an area where anyone is merging. So much for that hysteria. Wouldn’t be the Claycord comments section without it however…

I pointed that out in my very first comment, but that didn’t stop the onslaught of hysteria regarding this interchange.

My heart goes out to the family and friends of the victim! I worry every day, every hour when my offspring are on the roads!

My daughter witnessed this accident and was fortunate and grateful not to have lost her life – the man that died unluckily was either on drugs or alcohol and driving at excessive speed – he had been weaving in and out of the traffic; came up behind her sped into the next lane and then clipped the car in that lane sending both cars across two lanes of traffic almost into the middle divider, he then seemed to speed up and spinned back accross four lanes of traffic going through the fence and ending up off the roadway – he was not wearing a seat belt and had come out the windshield of his car and was pinned under his car. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The other gentleman was stunned and shocked but was able to get out of his vehicle. Good thanks to people who stopped to help including an off-duty firefighter. We are a very grateful and grateful family today – however we all need to be mindful of others when we drive, the roads are trecherous, but if we take our time, and give each other space, we could avoid what happened today. I am so grateful to still have my daughter with me!

Thing is, no one anywhere on here said anything about the 680/24.

It is about the 680/Four!

Slow down and read every word.

Contra Costa Times states it was a nineteen year old masculine from Pittsburgh. From “Concord Mom” comment, looks like he was in a hurry to go nowhere. I drove by when they were carrying a assets bag up the from the ditch. Scary. I am just glad he didn’t injure or kill someone else in the process of his reckless driving. People need to slow down AND get off their phones. Talking on your phone a few inches from your face is NOT mitt free.

How about you read, leisurely, every word of my comment at #13?

Funny thing is, I knew what kneejerk was referring to.

@@ kneejerk and rollo tomasi—

Oh gosh, thanks, that typo switches everything!! (insert eye roll here)

I’m with you friend, driven that open up hundreds of times without any problems.

I drive this way to and from work every day. That spread of six hundred eighty NB is no more dangerous than any other freeway. Not many cars exit onto Pacheco or inject the freeway here from Pacheco. This spread is north of the Hwy Four/680 Interchange and there are no cloverleafs there. Again, when heading NB on 680, I have never observed dangerous traffic conditions caused by the Hwy four Interchange. It is super sketchy once you get on Hwy four WB from six hundred eighty NB.

He was a 19-year old from Pittsburg, and he was on his way to work. Please only leave kind comments. The bottom line is that he has an extensive community of family and friends that love him (including a junior brother and sister), and he was an amazingly sweet, charming, and funny youthful man who was just beginning his adult life. The KTVU article says that he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. That’s a mistake. Everyone has made a mistake. That doesn’t make it any less sad or make anything about his death ok.

I’d like to “2nd” everything # thirty seven just stated. Thank you for your kind words. We need more in the Claycord community like you (94521).

# thirty one gets my bliss as well. I’m blessed your daughter and others weren’t badly hurt or killed.

With all the crazy drivers on the road, one must be a defensive driver all the time. Even if you are running late, ..let work dock your pay. Better be a few dollars poorer than dead, there are drivers who are truly rude and just selfish, not thinking of fellow motorists…all they want is to be ahead of the pack even on bumper to bumper situations. No sympathy for drivers like them. Exercise good judgement…. You might be dead, free from all the worldy ache…but how about the people you leave behind….especially parents and youthful children. This will not be the last….we all need to remind people we love to exercise caution

@Kimberly…..WOW! & why would you say something like that.

@Mtz Mom Thanks for clarifying!

I was right behind the person who was driving the car that crashed and was killed. He was driving at least ninety miles an hour and swerving in and out of traffic. I eyed the car roll and hit the petite van. Then the car went right and into the field. Lots of car parts flying all over the place. Fortunately my car was not hit. I drove right to bridge and told the toll taker. I was the very first car at the bridge. The driver that was killed was one hundred percent responsible for his reckless driving.

94521….. he may have been a “sweet, funny, charming” youthfull man…… and surely his family and friends love him, but the evident fact that he was driving like an a-hole, shows he didn’t indeed care about himself or others…… as an harmless person or child could have been killed by his “me very first” attitude behind the wheel. We all make mistakes, and youth brings with it the ” I’m invincible” notion, and this time fate was not so kind….. sorry and sad for all the family members of this youthfull man

The only thing that is demonstrable to me is your accomplish lack of compassion and basic manners. You can “what if?” about hypotheticals all day long, but the only person who died is the youthfull man; the circumstances surrounding his death are not significant. He made a mistake and paid with his life. You don’t need to criticize him, too. What is significant is respecting the dead and the grieving family he left behind. They are good people. It’s sad that you are not a good person. Shame on you and shame on your mother for not raising you well enough to know better. I’m telling a prayer for the deceased’s family and for you this evening.

Rip to my home boy carlos u will be missed Homie rest in peace much love and respect gone never forgotten he was a bright and aspiring excellent youthful man

Thank you for your words, it’s effortless to be mad and bad talk others but it takes a fatter person to see past the tragedy and take into consideration the loved ones left behind and respect for the one who is no longer with us.

So sorry to find out is one of our student just graduate from our high school last year. My heart goes out to the family our thoughts and prayers also our deepest condolences to the family.

Rest In Peace Carlos ! You were a excellent person ! My prayers go out to your family. This is truly sad this had to happen!

Don’t say he was on drugs because he wasnt’t! Who are you to state that kind of stuff. This was a life with a mother and a family. Be Kind.

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