Vandals harm significant number of cars on Whitehall Industrial Estate, in Colchester (From Gazette)

Vandals harm significant number of cars on Whitehall Industrial Estate, in Colchester

Vandals harm significant number of cars on industrial estate

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YOBS have bruised dozens of cars and trucks in an overnight vandalism spree on an industrial estate.

Police were called shortly after 7.45am today with reports of a large number of cars had been bruised on Whitehall Industrial Estate, off Whitehall Road, Colchester.

Windows, wing mirrors and lights were smashed and paintwork bruised on cars parked in several roads including Conder Way, Commerce Way and Davey Close overnight inbetween Saturday August five and Sunday August 6.

Write off – One of Maple Tree Cars’ vehicles which was wrecked

Residents claim that up to sixty vehicles were bruised or written off in the attack.

A spokesman for Maple Tree Cars, in Grange Way, said there were about sixty cars which were bruised during the night.

He said: “Lots of our company’s cars have been badly bruised – and they will all be write offs.

“I am just going to have to get on with it, unluckily.

“It was not just our company which was targeted, there were two other roads which had wrecked cars down them too.”

Residents have also taken Facebook to speak out and vent their fury about the incident.

Smashed – A Fiat which was bruised outside Europcar

Residents said they spotted police arrive at the industrial estate at noon when there were still lots of bruised cars there.

A resident, who asked not to be named, said she had been to the industrial estate to drop something off and witnessed the wreckage.

She said: “It was a total mess and I’d say all the cars involved would be write-offs.

“It was unspoiled coincidence that I went over there on Sunday afternoon, but I would say a good twenty vehicles were vandalised – both cars and pickup trucks”

Tony Jones said there were slew of cars with their door treats stringing up off, their wing mirrors smashed off and all of their windows smashed out.

Ruined – Another car with its windows smashed out

He said: “With the noise that must have been made I don’t know how they weren’t heard even however it’s on an industrial estate.

He said he hopes the police get the person responsible for this “dumb senseless attack”.

Timothy Webb said: “I drove down there to work in the morning and noticed a lot outside the car sales. I won’t be parking on the road anymore when I go into work.”

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